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Our Mission

To provide businesses on-demand access to talented offline
developers across the globe.

How JetDevs Works

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Our teams are fully distributed across 6 countries and spanning 4 time zones.
Our Core Values
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Think in first-principles

We actively cultivate critical thinking through a first-principles approach. Each JetDevs engineer brings unique value to our customers by getting to the heart of problems and designing solutions outside-of-the-box.

value 2

Strive for shared understanding

We know the secret to amazing collaboration amongst remote teams is achieving a deep shared understanding whether it’s about sprint goals, business logic, or even team dynamics.

value 3

10x teams > 10x individuals

Great teams with strong systems, coaching, and talented role players win championships. We strongly believe in this team-first approach for rapidly building and scaling great technology.

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Make an impact from anywhere

We have a vision of solving the world’s greatest problems through distributed tech teams. To achieve this, we believe JetDevs engineers with purpose doing meaningful work can make a great impact regardless of where they are based.

Our Story

In 2008, after several years of struggling to work effectively with remote developers, our founder relocated from the US to Asia to try it himself. He wanted to prove that it was possible to build great remote teams abroad that were just as good as his teams in the US.

Over the next 12 years, his dedicated software engineering teams across Asia remotely launched, scaled, and/or supported over 100 tech platforms across the globe including Lazada, Zalora, Qraved, Evisu, ValveStore and Astro GoShop.

Today, JetDevs offers on-demand cloud engineers based on the same standards, practices, and culture of excellence attained from over a decade of hard-earned experience.

JetDevs Expertise

Our squads of talented developers are experts in top development stacks used at leading tech companies around the world.











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