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[Developer Insights] Mobile Leadership: Driving Ecommerce Leader’s APAC Expansion

Learn how I drove a successful APAC mobile launch for a top ecommerce platform – client-focused leadership, tech problem-solving, team growth strategies.

Concurrency Control — Multi-User Environment

Maintaining data integrity in multi-user apps is challenging. This article explores 3 solutions for race conditions: Sequelize transactions, optimistic locking, and model versioning.

Engineering the Ramadan Ecommerce Rush: 6 Proven Strategies for Handling Traffic Spikes

Prepare your ecommerce site for Ramadan traffic spikes with 6 proven strategies. Learn from industry leaders and optimize your platform for a seamless user experience.

JetDevs Case Study: Powering Qraved's Digital Dining Revolution in Indonesia

See how JetDevs helped Qraved revolutionize Indonesia's dining scene over 10+ years. Learn why high-growth startups trust JetDevs for tech talent to drive innovation.

Scaling Tech Teams in Southeast Asia: Comparing Developer Marketplaces and Agencies

Comparing developer marketplaces and agencies for scaling tech teams in Southeast Asia. Learn the pros and cons of each approach and how to optimize partnerships.

Peak-Proof ECommerce Engineering for 10X Ramadan Sales

With Ramadan transaction volumes growing 10X, scale-ready engineering is vital. Benchmark capacity planning, backend stability to expertly tackle demand surges.

Press Release: JetDevs Named Best-Performing Vendor by Leading Fintech DANA Indonesia

Read what our founder has to say about this award-winning cross-border tech talent partnership.

Optimizing Leadership Strategies for Remote Dragon Developers (Lunar New Year edition)

Find out your dragon developer this Lunar New Year and how you can best collaborate with them.

Indonesia’s Developer Job Market 2024 - Tech’s Soft Skills in Demand

Discover the soft skills trending in Indonesia's developer job market at the start of 2024 and how Indonesian tech companies can bridge local skills gaps.

Software Development in Asia: Overcoming Skill Shortage & Embracing Innovation

Asia's digital transformation faces a major roadblock of tech talent demand-supply gap. Explore the region's tech industry trends and talent shortage solutions in software development.

How dedicated developers drive project success

Here's how hiring dedicated developers can help to boost project success.

Combatting Fake Candidate Scams: The JetDevs Approach

Explore JetDevs' approach to verifying remote developers, ensuring authenticity and skill in the evolving landscape of tech hiring. Join us in balancing risk management and opportunity.

The Rise of Remote Developers: A New Frontier in Tech Hiring

Remote hiring is reshaping tech talent acquisition. Companies like Atlassian demonstrate this long-term strategy, addressing local hiring costs and managing a global workforce efficiently.

App Size Strategy

App size significantly impacts user experience and installation rates. It's important to control app size during development and balance size optimization with performance and readability.

Bracing for Impact: Strategic High-Traffic Management for Black Friday

Are you ready to master the upcoming Black Friday-Cyber Week sales, and not just withstand the traffic onslaught?

Apperception: The Remote Developer's Insightful Edge

Apperception is a synergy of past insights and current challenges for an unmatched advantage in the world of tech.

Turning Tides Amidst the Tech Talent Flux: Leadership Strategies for a Resilient Future

Discover key strategies for tech leaders to attract and retain top talent during industry upheavals.

Resourcefulness: The Remote Developer’s Superpower

Learn how remote devs tap resourcefulness to solve problems, boost productivity & drive innovation in today's tech landscape.

Navigating Tech Layoffs: The Shift to On-Demand, Global Tech Teams

Explore how flexible, on-demand tech teams can be your strategic advantage in navigating tech layoffs.

Discover JetDevs: Your On-Demand Solution for Top Tech Talent

Explore how JetDevs connects companies with the right tech talents.

Emerging Digital Tech in Singapore: Bridging the Gap

Look at how Singapore's digital tech surge bridges gaps with innovative strategies and data insights for practical use.

How To Hire The Right Software Developer

Navigate the "war for talent" by learning essential tips for hiring the best software developer aligned with your project needs.

Mobile UI Trends 2024‍

Unlock 2024's top mobile UI trends: seamless UX, bold typography, and data-driven design for cutting-edge apps.

React Design Patterns

Here are some top React design patterns that can help boost app efficiency.

Right-sizing your technology team

Determining the right team size requires understanding the role of development within the organization. Learn what's the right team size for you.

Be The Next Threads

Uncover how Threads became such a phenomenal success with our strategic insights and analysis.

Hiring Software Development Teams: In-house Versus Alternative Sources

Learn how to choose between in-house and outsourced dev teams, balancing cost, control, and expertise for your project's success.

How To Improve API Performance

Boost your API performance with these expert tips, from optimizing endpoints to leveraging caching, for smoother, faster user experiences.

Advanced JavaScript Concepts

Master advanced JavaScript concepts for robust coding with insights on closures, callbacks, and more for optimal app performance.

3 tiny Kubernetes distributions for compact container management

Here are 3 compact Kubernetes distros for efficient container management, offering key insights, practical uses, and data-backed outcomes.

SQL Query Optimization: How to Fine Tune Performance of SQL Queries

Boost SQL efficiency with expert tips on indexing, query design, and execution plans for faster database performance.

Why on-demand talent is what companies need right now

On-demand talent offers flexibility and expertise, key for firms adapting to market shifts and innovation needs.

Advanced Jira Tips for Development Teams

Channel your Indiana Jones and explore the application-rich world of the Jira Marketplace.

Inside the minds of tech talents

Explore how tech talents think, their career drivers, and ways to attract top talent in our latest blog post.

DevOps and Its Charm

Learn how DevOps boosts efficiency & innovation in software development with actionable strategies & real-world results.

Error Tracking with TrackJS

TrackJS helps to enhances web app stability with real-time error tracking and actionable insights for smoother user experiences.

Universal Links in iOS

Find out more about how iOS Universal Links create seamless app-to-website experiences, boosting user engagement with easy setup and smart handling of URLs.

Implementing Graceful Shutdown in Go

Shutting down processes need to be handled gracefully. Learn how to ensure a smooth shutdown in Go with tips on managing server closures and maintaining user experience.

VS Code - The All In One Platform

Explore how VS Code streamlines coding with its all-in-one platform, offering powerful extensions, seamless Git integration, and customizable features for developers.

Implication of Microservices in Fintech

The impact of microservices on the FinTech sector reveals how they enhance agility and scalability during development.

Reasons Why Golang is Better Than Other Programming Languages

Explore why Golang excels with simplicity, performance, and concurrency, making it a top choice for modern developers.

Why Flutter Has Become the Best Choice To Develop a Startup Mobile App in 2020

Are you a bootstrapper and planning to launch a mobile app but still in a dilemma over which cross-platform framework to use? Explore why Flutter is the top pick for startup apps in 2020.

6 Communication Habits of Successful Remote Teams

Unlock remote team success with six proven communication habits, from clear expectations to embracing tech, for efficient and connected workflows.

Here’s everything Apple just announced: iOS 14 will give

Explore iOS 14's latest features, from revamped widgets to privacy upgrades, in our succinct blog overview.

Hire great developers by focusing on these important traits

Demand for great developers is growing exponentially by businesses looking to ride the digital wave. Uncover the secrets to hiring top developers.

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