Combatting Fake Candidate Scams: The JetDevs Approach

December 5, 2023
Jolyn Ng

Recent news brought attention to an underground practice: North Korean IT workers using elaborate fake profiles to secure remote tech jobs. This case is rare, yet it underscores a pressing challenge for many HR leaders:

With more developers abroad entering the remote job market, how do we reliably verify candidates?

Survey indicate over 80% of organizations feared they might have encountered identity fraud in hiring—a concern magnified in remote environments and not unfounded. Horror stories of incommunicado developers, subpar work, or even security risks further deepen some of these worries:

  • Skills exaggeration on paper and during interviews when the new hire ends up not as good as they claim to be, lacking specific skills they’re originally engaged for.
  • Screening struggles where companies often do not have the time, resource, and/or expertise to adequately screen candidates, resulting in mismatches in expectations and reality.
  • Uncertain about developers' experience as it's extremely challenging to gauge the true level of a developer's expertise and experience remotely.
  • Misrepresentation of identity where they sometimes end up working with someone different from who they believed they were hiring, either due to misrepresentation or subcontracting.
  • Inconsistent standards across outsourcing agencies can make the screening and selection process complex and unreliable.

Verifying the authenticity and competency of cross-border developers is critical, without closing doors to earnest professionals in the expanding cross-border talent ecosystem.

To combat this, we’ve developed a rigorous, multi-layered process here at JetDevs to ensure safe and confident access to authentically skilled talents, as we blend opportunity with vigilance.

Verifying Remote Developers: The JetDevs Approach

1. Multi-point Profile Verification

  • Initial AI screening of resumes flags inconsistent or dubious credentials and discrepancies
  • Government IDs, integrated background checks, and references cross-validated against candidate profiles
  • Digital footprint analysis of online profiles, live work samples, portfolios, and contributions on the likes of LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.

2. Trusted Partner Sourcing & Accountability

  • Partners vetted for strict quality adherence and reliability in terms of reputation, track record, and company status
  • Standardized developer screening criteria maintains consistency and quality of resource selection regardless of source
  • Guarantees against developer misrepresentation contractually enforceable for recourse
  • Ongoing performance monitoring and feedback mechanism ensure consistent developer standards

3. In-depth Developer Evaluation

  • Behavioral interviews assessing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and whether their claimed experiences line up with their responses
  • Real-time skills-based online assessments—created by our own developers—under screen sharing conditions to evaluate candidates’ actual abilities mirroring real work settings
  • Remote proctoring via webcams during evaluations
  • Senior engineering review and scoring offer layered human assessment of technical expertise and team fit
  • AI and data analytics evaluate candidate competency, and raise red flags on suspicious candidate behavior

4. Client-Ready Candidate Selection with Optimized Matching

  • Tailored consultation for specialized technical needs
  • Proprietary AI algorithms surface best-fit, high-quality candidates for final client interview
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on certified candidates and a dedicated 1:1 replacement support ensure minimal client impact

Coming Soon: Blockchain certification for JetDevs developers as we set a new standard in remote hiring integrity with full transparency and trust. Stay tuned!

Our multilayered methodology is designed to spotlight genuine skill and reliability in remote hiring. Join us in navigating the balance between risk management and opportunity in the evolving landscape of tech hiring.

Hire with confidence and speed. Stay ahead with JetDevs.