Emerging Digital Tech in Singapore: Bridging the Gap

October 10, 2023

Singapore, a nexus for tech innovators and unicorns in Southeast Asia and the world, is at the forefront of digital transformation and technological innovations. However, as new-age digital technologies continue to shape the business horizon, a concerning gap surfaces: while consumers and employees eagerly integrate these technologies into their lives, businesses seem to tread with caution. The question is, why?

The AI Revolution in Singapore Business

Trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G are not mere buzzwords; they’re setting the course for Singapore’s digital future. 

Generative AI, in particular, is gaining strong traction. The transformative potential is evident and revolutionising sectors, from enhancing customer support through AI chatbots to offering predictive healthcare assessment, bolstering fraud prevention mechanisms, and operational efficiency. And for businesses that have embraced this wave, it’s “clearly paying off”. 

The numbers echo this sentiment. Singapore’s digital sector now contributes a remarkable 17.3% to its gross domestic product, up from 13% in 2017—a growth trajectory that explains the nation’s digital ambition. 

Yet, reports from industry giants LinkedIn and Adobe highlight a disconnect. While consumers and employees in Singapore are quick to adapt, many businesses lag behind with their AI integration. This lag suggests not a reluctance, but perhaps uncertainty: where to start and how to proceed?

Unpacking Business Reluctance

The reasons for the apprehension are multifaceted. The absence of clear AI governance might be one. But more prominently, it's the challenge of finding the right talent—professionals who can not only understand, but also implement and optimise groundbreaking technologies like AI into their solutions effectively.

Beyond potential challenges posed by the absence of stringent AI governance, a more pressing issue emerges: the scarcity of adept technical talent. Across the globe, enterprises grapple with sourcing professionals who can not only understand, but also implement and optimise groundbreaking technologies like AI into their solutions effectively.

Moreover, as businesses race to embrace digital opportunities, they often overlook fundamental pillars like data security and user accessibility. However, establishing trust is about more than just innovation—it's about ensuring robust data protection, broad inclusivity, and consistent value delivery, all driving forces for sustained growth.

JetDevs: Bridging the Gap

This is where JetDevs is instrumental for businesses looking to bridge the gap. In today’s digital-first world, evolving is not just about following trends; it’s about curating the right mix of tools, strategies, and partners that can steer businesses towards sustainable growth. 

JetDevs provides businesses with an edge, offering access to top-tier remote developers who are at the forefront of emerging technologies. And our unique subscription model ensures businesses have the agility to adapt, iterate, and refine their tech approaches, delivering a balance of innovation, scalability, and efficiency.

With clients from diverse sectors, JetDevs has consistently bridged the gap, enabling companies to harness the power of AI and more, aligned with their unique business goals of product development, data security, performance optimisation, and more.

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