Indonesia’s Developer Job Market 2024 - Tech’s Soft Skills in Demand

January 16, 2024
Jolyn Ng

Indonesia’s tech sector shows strong recovery signs in 2024 as investments pick up once again. At the same time, companies are cautiously yet strategically bolstering their developer teams amidst one of Asia’s most vibrant digital economies.

We took a snapshot of the country's developer job market earlier this month and found coding proficiency alone no longer separates top talent; it’s the soft skills that differentiate capabilities.

Prioritizing Soft Skills in Tech

In a market hungry for Java, PHP, .NET, Flutter, Android and iOS expertise, the real game-changer for Indonesian employers are the soft skills that transform coding know-how into effective collaboration, innovation, and leadership.

New market opportunities like emerging technologies of AI and chatbots, sectoral potential in Web3, and growing consumers spending power mean an average coder no longer suffice.

We’re talking about:

  1. Communication: The ability to clearly articulate and discuss complex technical issues, effectively convey solutions, provide clear instructions, and maintain open channels for feedback. This is key to keeping teams aligned and informed, both in writing and verbally.
  2. Analytical thinking: The ability to methodically dissect problems to understand their root causes, research and evaluate multiple solutions, assess their feasibility, and weigh potential trade-offs. This plays a significant role in guiding informed technical strategies and decisions.
  3. Creative problem-solving: The ability to assess problems from different angles, brainstorm novel solutions, and implement them through efficient coding. It is central to developing well-function, user-centric software solutions.
  4. Language proficiency: The ability to understand and contribute to technical discussions, ask pertinent questions, and express challenges and ideas fluently, both with written and verbal communication. This is essential for international collaboration, with clarity and understanding across diverse team members.

This shift reflects the evolving nature of tech roles, where developers are expected to actively listen, evaluate complex trade-offs, and lead transparent decision-making processes while shipping robust codes. They are increasingly interacting and leading collaborations across international teams and cultures, with tools like Zoom and Slack becoming ubiquitous.

On these soft skills benchmark, Indonesia’s talent falls noticeably short, and that becomes especially pronounced when compared to more mature tech ecosystems according to a 2022 research paper.

The "double gap" in Indonesia’s tech workforce - a shortage of 600,000 skilled tech professionals annually and a lack of soft skills among the young, inexperienced talent - is a major challenge for tech companies seeking to compete on a global stage.

JetDevs’ Distributed Teams and Global Talent Bridge Gaps

JetDevs recognizes the importance of soft skills for impactful software development very early on. Our talent vetting process goes beyond technical proficiency; we evaluate candidates’ abilities across a wide spectrum of attributes crucial for remote software development collaboration through real-world scenarios and rigorous testing.

We complement this with continuous training and hands-on experience in international projects. This approach upskills our developers technically, while enhancing their leadership and collaboration capabilities. Tools like Jira, Slack, and JetDevs’ AI transcription tool are integral in preparing our talent for effective remote work.

This focus enables JetDevs to deliver ready talent who can make an immediate impact across borders, liaising seamlessly with global teams and clients and accelerating their onboarding and productivity.


In Indonesia's tech sector, where high-quality talent is a decisive factor, JetDevs stands out.

We prepare developers for global collaboration and leadership. Our approach ensures our talent pool is well-equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving digital economy like Indonesia, bridging existing readiness gaps and contributing meaningfully.

Ready to elevate your team with global talent? Contact JetDevs today to access a pool of top-tier developers, skilled in both technical expertise and essential soft skills, ready to propel your projects to new heights.