JetDevs Case Study: Powering Qraved's Digital Dining Revolution in Indonesia

March 6, 2024
Jolyn Ng

When restaurant booking app Qraved launched in 2013, the dining experience in Indonesia was fragmented and inefficient. Qraved aimed to transform this through a seamless digital platform offering personalized discovery, instant reservations, and integrated payments - making eating out truly enjoyable.

Assembling Specialized Tech Talent for Indonesia's O2O Food Tech Pioneer

Bringing this ambitious vision to life required a blend of strategic planning and technical execution. Qraved partnered with software consultancy Imaginato to craft intuitive user journeys, and with JetDevs to rapidly assemble expert engineering teams.

JetDevs’ regional talent network provided critical capabilities from web and mobile app development to scalable system architecture and QA automation - enabling Qraved to swiftly build and iterate on their feature-rich, all-in-one dining companion app.

Continuous Innovation and Optimization Over a Decade

Through the 10+ year collaboration,  JetDevs has helped power Qraved’s digital platform capabilities and enhance efficiency, including:

  • Implementing QR code ordering and contactless payments
  • Integrating with popular food delivery services like GoFood
  • Building a unified restaurant management portal
  • Optimizing infrastructure to handle 5x+ traffic during festive seasons

By leveraging JetDevs' technical expertise and flexible staffing, Qraved has been able to:

  • Deliver seamless digital experiences to millions of Indonesian diners
  • Empower tens of thousands of restaurants with growth-driving digital tools
  • Become Indonesia’s leading dining platform, processing record-breaking orders
  • Expand offerings as Yobo to support merchants with their business growth

Trusted Technology Partner for High-Growth Southeast Asian Startups

JetDevs' proven track record of understanding unique challenges, assembling high-performance teams, and sustaining technical excellence makes them a go-to partner for Southeast Asia's tech ecosystem. With an unmatched regional talent pool and flexible engagement models, JetDevs empowers startups to scale innovation rapidly.

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