Press Release: JetDevs Named Best-Performing Vendor by Leading Fintech DANA Indonesia

February 15, 2024
The JetDevs Team

Singapore, February 15 - JetDevs was named Best-Performing Vendor 2023 by DANA, Indonesia’s leading financial services platform.

Launched in 2018, DANA serves over 135 million users nationwide with digital payments, investments, micro-insurance, merchant transactions, and more via a unified super app. They also power major consumer apps like Bukalapak, TIX ID, and KFC and enable local MSMEs.

Aligned with Indonesia’s financial inclusion goals, the homegrown unicorn actively pursues new ideas to bring modern financial solutions to the underserved population. They tapped on JetDevs, Southeast Asia’s specialized provider of on-demand software engineers, to expand their innovation team and help realize their ambitions of launching exciting new digital marketplaces and user experiences to communities across the country.

“The entire JetDevs team is ecstatic to be recognized as a top performer by one of Indonesia's fastest growing and dynamic tech companies,” shared Sean Liao, founder and CEO at JetDevs. “DANA has an intense focus on delivering amazing, life-changing mobile user experiences at a massive scale, and it’s great to have our teams executing together at such a high level to consistently meet this challenge. There's a lot of pride at JetDevs in helping purpose-driven companies like DANA Indonesia achieve its mission of improving the lives of millions of people, and I’m super excited to see what’s next as our partnership progresses.”

In January 2024, DANA recognized JetDevs with their 2023 Best-Performing Vendor award for continuous agile system design, development, and support excellence over the past year.

To celebrate this and the Lunar New Year, JetDevs now offers $2,888 free credits to enterprises exploring similar partnerships to scale technology initiatives. Contact JetDevs to learn more.

About JetDevs

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Singapore, JetDevs is a specialized provider of on-demand software engineers for high-impact, high-growth technology enterprises around the world. With precision AI-powered screening and matching, JetDevs unlocks access to the top 2% of software developer talent across Asia Pacific to help bring innovations to life. For more information, visit or follow JetDevs on LinkedIn.

About DANA Indonesia

DANA is a fintech company that aims to bring inclusive financial services to empower people for a better living. The aim is to become a pillar of the digital economy in Indonesia by enabling society to transact seamlessly. A highly secured and scalable payment service platform to connect everyone using world-class technology, its goal is to provide Indonesia with a trustworthy and convenient mobile payment system to cater to the needs of customers and a sustainable profitable business for stakeholders.